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Author Jocko Willink has a famous phrase:


The hardened Navy SEAL instructor and leadership professional uses a tough message when people have problems.  Even in his children's books.

Having trouble at school?  "Good."

Someone giving you a hard time?  "Good."

Can't physically do what the other kids do? "Good."

How does this tough, battle-hardened approach help you to face challenges?  And to improve your health, and healing?

It teaches that problems can be under-rated.  And that there is a value in looking at the benefits of problems.

Challenges and pain can lead you to look at options and avenues that you wouldn't normally consider.

And put you in a frame of mind that you may not normally have.  Like the idea that pain, dysfunction and injury can be "good."

It's not the usual thought when trouble strikes.  More like the opposite.

But the idea behind "good" is particularly useful when it comes to building - and protecting - your health.  An area where we can be motivated most often not by being actually good but instead more motivated by pain.

"Good" is the idea that a problem is an opportunity…

And that not only is it an opportunity to work and to make things better - but that there is also an opportunity to sharpen your skills at making your life better by being ready to attack problems.

In other words, when one shows up, don't duck and hide, or cower, or get frustrated and blame.

Instead see they are a part of life and that being ready to challenge problems right back is one of - if not the most - valuable skill there is.

This is how your own body is a great teacher.  It regularly teaches you not only what it needs but also if you are a great listener it can teach you almost all the lessons life has to teach.

The originators of chiropractic figured this out early on.

While they didn't go out of their way to celebrate problems, they fully recognized the intelligence inside the body, and pioneered the idea that the body was (and is) "smart."

While the arrival of problems can be frustrating, it can also be a valuable lesson.   Fortunately, chiropractors have been reading the language of the body (and reporting back to the rest of us) for 100+ years.


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